From concept to execution, I’ve specialized in transforming brand guidelines and abstract ideas into visually stunning realities. With a diverse range of clients spanning corporate industries, including renowned names like Harley Davidson and Kohler Co. and over 15 years of experience in both design house agencies and ad agencies, I’ve honed my skills and evolved into a versatile designer.

Jacobo & Maria ANgÉles

My design portfolio showcases my work with Jacobo and Maria Angeles, an internationally acclaimed artisanal workshop specializing in the craftsmanship of wood-carved mythical alebrijes. Through my collaboration with them, I had the opportunity to design two bilingual catalogs for their exhibitions at MUPO, the Museo de los Pintores Oxaqueños.

As requested by my client, my design not only functioned seamlessly for mobile viewing, but it also served as a reference for attendees after leaving the museum. Aligning with the family-owned business’s values, the catalog was both cost-effective and ecological.

My role in this project extended beyond the design of the catalog as I was cutting artist labels and mounting vinyl for the gallery walls leading up to the opening hour. The experience allowed me to demonstrate my versatility and willingness to go above and beyond in a collaborative environment.



In my role on this project, I was tasked with delivering production-ready files for Colgate’s NYC Pride Fest materials. Working within the brand guidelines and on a tight deadline, I was able to design materials that were both visually impactful and on-brand.

I was thrilled to be a part of this project and to contribute to the celebration. It was a meaningful experience to collaborate with and support diversity in this way.

The concept for the materials was centered around creating an interactive experience for visitors. By placing table tops with free Colgate merchandise around the space, we invited passersby to add their own messages to colored post-its and stick them on a heart-shaped rainbow. This not only created a visually striking element but also encouraged visitors to actively engage with the space.

With her extensive knowledge of community grassroots communications, she was key to helping us develop marketing materials for NYC’s Pridefest 2022. She organically translated her colorful energy into the design work she provided with a speedy turnaround and dove seamlessly into the work process. Because of her adaptability, I look forward to working with her on future opportunities.


My time as a Senior Designer at Kohl’s provided me with invaluable experience in the corporate design world. I expertly applied the brand guidelines and campaigns to numerous mobile and web banner ads, utilizing my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. I am eager to bring my expertise and creativity to new design projects.


Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed brands like BlueCross BlueShield, Option Care, Presence Health, Planned Parenthood, Merck, and more, gaining valuable insights and expertise in this field.

What sets me apart as a designer is my ability to create meaningful designs across a diverse range of mediums. From print materials to digital interfaces, corporate-facing materials to email blasts, social media campaigns to digital banner ads, I have demonstrated my versatility and adaptability in delivering clear visuals that effectively communicate brand messages.

One of my key strengths lies in my proficiency in swiftly and efficiently applying brand guidelines to any medium. This skill allows me to maintain consistency and ensure that the essence of a brand is effectively conveyed in every design project I undertake. With my strong background in healthcare industry design, I am well-equipped to handle a wide array of design projects. Please enjoy the breath of sample projects I have produced.

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