Graphic and BRand Design

Jacobo y María ángeles

AT THE Museum of Painters of Oaxaca

My design portfolio showcases my work with Jacobo and Maria Angeles, an internationally acclaimed artisanal workshop specializing in the craftsmanship of wood-carved mythical alebrijes. Through my collaboration with them, I had the opportunity to design a bilingual catalog for their exhibition at MUPO, the Museo de los Pintores Oxaqueños.

My design not only functioned seamlessly for mobile viewing, but it also served as a takeaway for attendees to reference after leaving the museum. The catalog was both cost-effective and ecological, aligning with the family-owned business’s values.

My role in this project extended beyond the design of the catalog as I was also responsible for cutting artist labels and mounting vinyl for the gallery walls leading up to the opening night. The experience allowed me to demonstrate my versatility and willingness to go above and beyond in a collaborative environment.

The success of this exhibition proved that folk art can thrive in fine art spaces and be appreciated on the same platform, defying traditional European academic traditions.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Solida, the private contemporary art collection of the Angeles family. Producing an exhibition catalog for their showcase at MUPO, titled Fuego Desembocado.

I am confident that my design work with Jacobo and Maria Angeles exemplifies my ability to create designs that are both functional and visually stunning, and I am excited to bring this same level of dedication and creativity to any future projects.


43 Voices Exhibition AYOTZINAPA

As a design professional with a passion for social justice, I am excited to showcase my work on a personal project I took on in collaboration with Arts @ Large Milwaukee. This project gave voice to social justice issues worldwide and locally, honoring the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

My involvement in this project was comprehensive, from conceptualization to curation, installation, and branding. I designed the identity and media marketing strategies, creating a cohesive and impactful visual presence for the gallery.

The gallery’s opening night, press conferences, and several gallery talks were all successful in creating a safe space for over 300 visitors to engage in meaningful dialogue about complex social justice issues. This hands-on experience allowed me to demonstrate my ability to bring together various elements of design and communication to create a powerful and memorable experience.

Colgate NYC Pride Tent

In my role on this project, I was tasked with delivering production-ready files for Colgate’s NYC Pride Fest materials. Working within the brand guidelines and on a tight deadline, I was able to design materials that were both visually impactful and on-brand.

I was thrilled to be a part of this project and to contribute to the celebration and commemoration of Pride. It was a meaningful experience to collaborate with and support diversity in this way.

The concept for the materials was centered around creating an interactive experience for visitors. By placing table tops with free Colgate merchandise around the space, we invited passersby to add their own messages to colored post-its and stick them on a heart-shaped rainbow. This not only created a visually striking element but also encouraged visitors to actively engage with the space and become a part of the celebration.

I am excited to bring my design skills and passion for meaningful projects to any future team and am confident that I can contribute to creating impactful and memorable experiences.

LGBT-2022-New York City Colgate

Pamela came at the best time for our marketing agency during the high peak summer festival season when design and production support was most needed. With her extensive knowledge of community grassroots communications, she was key to helping us develop marketing materials for NYC’s Pridefest 2022. She organically translated her colorful energy into the design work she provided with a speedy turnaround and dove seamlessly into the work process. Because of her adaptability, I look forward to working with her on future opportunities.

Salvador Vega, Design Director of HAP Marketing Agency

Itotia Mexica Xi LLC.
Dance Company

As a creative director and founder of Itotia, an Aztec dance company, I successfully branded and launched the group in Chicago. Over the course of a year, we performed on various stages throughout the city and engaged with the local community through weekly dance classes.

As the sole manager of the company, I was responsible for paying the dancers and ensuring that all aspects of the organization ran smoothly. Additionally, I designed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy, which helped to increase visibility and reach new audiences.

Through my experience with Itotia and my passion for community engagement, I am eager to bring my skills to new projects and collaborate with teams to create meaningful and impactful work.

My time as a Senior Designer at Kohl’s provided me with invaluable experience in the corporate design world. I expertly applied the brand guidelines and campaigns to numerous mobile and web banner ads, utilizing my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. I am eager to bring my expertise and creativity to new design projects.