Hello, I am Pam!
A Creative Problem Solver

Besides being a dog mom to Itzia & Ikal, I am a designer with over ten years of experience, shaped by my unique bicultural life experience, which offers an invaluable perspective to my work. Throughout my career, I have honed skills in maintaining brand standards in-house, meeting tight deadlines in fast-paced creative agencies, and successfully executing projects within established processes internationally. While I have experience in a variety of industries, I am particularly passionate about designing for cultural initiatives and spaces such as museums, galleries, and advocacy.


WEB Design


I designed and developed a clean, user-friendly website for Lodge by Design Co., my personal business venture focused on growing passive income through strategic marketing. Utilizing short-term rental platforms and social media engagement, I created this direct booking option for our returning guests. The website allows clients to book directly with us, saving additional fees for both parties. It features a secure booking system synchronized with Hostaway, a comprehensive property management system, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for our customers.


Inquisitor Management’s new web platform is a game-changer. I was in charge of the design and development of both the logo and website, collaborating closely with the client. Legal guidance was provided by their lawyer, and financial consultation came from the business accountant. Tenants can now submit service requests and pay rent online from desktop or mobile, all in one place. Developed in just two weeks, this user-friendly solution streamlines operations and boosts tenant satisfaction.


Unveiling AdamBombGallerie.com, the online showcase for Milwaukee’s esteemed tattoo artist, Adam Bomb. Teaming up with designer Brandon Minga, I leveraged my expertise in web development and UI design to craft a dynamic digital platform that truly reflects Adam’s unique personality and exceptional body of work. Our collaboration, now formally called Pixl Alchemists, resulted in an animated website that serves as a captivating window into Adam’s world, highlighting his distinctive style and expertise in the art of tattooing.

UX/UI Design

Taller Jacobo y María Angeles

The Jacobo and Maria Angeles Workshop website project aims to enhance the workshop’s online presence and customer engagement. After conducting UX research, it became clear that the website required more improvements beyond its initial idea. The goal was to create an interactive and compelling tool using dynamic content while respecting the artisan’s work and artistry. The project aimed to offer a glimpse into the process without revealing too much to attract outsiders to visit the workshop.

Huellas Tilcajete

The Huellas Tilcajete project offers residencies to urban street artists who, in return, participate in community-based workshops and create mural paintings that highlight the rural town of San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico. Despite gaining recognition in the urban art scene, the project needs a more extensive portfolio to attract additional artists and brands for collaborations. Huellas Tilcajete aims to expand its reach to other potential partners and artists.

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