HUellas Tilcajete


Creative Director, UX Research, UX Strategy




The Huellas Tilcajete project aims to provide residencies to urban street artists in exchange for community-based workshops and mural paintings that showcase the rural town of San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Although the project has gained recognition in the urban art scene through news coverage and word of mouth, it lacks a comprehensive portfolio to attract more artists and brands for collaborations. Huellas Tilcajete is seeking to expand its reach to other potential partners and artists.


Establishing a professional website to supplement their Instagram presence is a crucial step towards enhancing their brand identity.

Creating an archive with past murals that no longer exist is an attainable goal that requires meticulous research and documentation.

Improving the accessibility of the self-guided tour map by optimizing the link placement on their Instagram bio can greatly enhance the user experience for visitors.

Developing alternative options for accessing the self-guided tour map, such as non-Google account-compatible formats, demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Enhancing the usability of the PDF map through professional design and formatting techniques can improve the effectiveness and clarity of the map for users.


Develop a portfolio that accurately represents the murals and artists, reflecting a high standard of quality and authenticity.

Establish an online presence that is user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive, with clear navigation and interactive features.

Optimize the user experience to guide them seamlessly to the online store, simplifying the purchasing process and enhancing customer satisfaction.



The research aimed to assess overall project interest and address various issues for a multi-functional online presence. Notable pain points were identified through interviews conducted during Holy Week, with a diverse group of about 120 individuals including non-typical workshop attendees. This allowed for a wider coverage and viable solutions to be formulated.


A significant number of users did not rely on a stable internet connection, and the town also had limited reception, posing a challenge to the online presence.

The lack of an online presence led to low project awareness among users and limited knowledge on the availability of self-guided tours.

Users expressed a desire for more accessible general information, including opportunities to donate or participate, highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive information.


Develop a streamlined and user-friendly online presence that accurately reflects the brand and engages visitors effectively.

Create a dynamic portfolio featuring a virtual component that effectively showcases the work of the artists, serving as a valuable tool for recruiting new talent and attracting brand collaborations and projects.

Establish an archive of murals that are no longer in existence, preserving their artistic value and cultural significance for future generations.

Redesign the map of murals, making it easy to download and follow, ensuring that visitors have a seamless and enjoyable experience while exploring the art.

Launch an online store under the brand name “Carnalxs,” providing customers with a convenient and accessible platform to purchase artwork and merchandise.


The interaction timeline takes center stage in this prototype, serving as the website’s main header. It offers a comprehensive list of all murals created since 2016, even those that are no longer available. With a simple drag of the timeline button, users can effortlessly navigate through each mural and appreciate its beauty. Additionally, by clicking on each mural, users can delve deeper into the artist’s world and learn more about their artwork, and the artist behind it. It’s worth noting that motion graphics on desktop include a mouse drag for the timeline button, while the mobile version allows for finger drag on the images themselves.


Within each artist page, we have thoughtfully included an audio component, provided the artist has chosen to supply one. Our top navigation bar also offers users convenient access to links for Donation, Carnalxs’ online store, and a comprehensive one-page PDF of the self-guided route. This feature is especially useful for those visiting San Martin Tilcajete, as it allows them to enjoy the route without relying on Wi-Fi or their own data. Additionally, we have dedicated ample space on the page to showcase the various events and workshops currently being promoted by the project.