Pamela performing with the Latin Rhythms Dance Company at the Chicago Salsa Congress
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¿Que Te Pedi?

As previously mentioned, my dance team Latin Rhythms Dance Co. worked on creating a choreography around La Lupe’s, “Que te Pedí”. This entry is almost two months post-performance because I wanted to have the time to divulge the experience on my own, re-live my delivery, and indulge in the unapologetic tantrum I threw on stage. A safe space acceptable for holding such a display, however honest or deceiving, with the potential to be admired. However, I will say that the more honest your work is, the more you can make your audience believe in something. As I speak of my experience as a performer, I confidently state that we each re-lived a personal, true journey throughout this creative journey. That process was captured by members of the audience who could relate to either one or several narratives being portrayed on stage.

My creative process began by getting to know La Lupe, listening to her music, and watching her performances. In my personal life, I was dealing with the emotional turmoil of a tip-end of a deeply unsatisfying relationship which eventually resulted in a painful breakup that serendipitously paralleled my team’s creative timeline.

The Chicago Salsa Congress is a yearly event that showcases performances, workshops, and a variety of Latin and Afro, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Caribbean styles of dance genres.

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