Pamela and her dachshund, Itzia Nanet
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My Best Friend

My best friend, Itzia has been in my life for a little over a year. During this time period, we have gotten to know each other very intimately. At this point, we depend on each other, and when Itzia wants or needs something, she does not hold back in her demands. She navigates the world and her role in our family as if she was no different and pays no attention to how much she automatically overcompensates for her size with so much confidence. Sometimes I imagine that she came out of her mother, unphased. Indifferent from her most significant disadvantages, her height, and short stubby legs, she uses her big, loud voice, unapologetically. I admire her confidence as she struts calmly with a heavy disposition of self-assured naivety.

As I see a lot of myself in Itzia and she reminds me of times I knew not of fear and disappointment. Like her, I have always felt headstrong and determined in my convictions. I am not really sure what she is striving for or what her goals are, but she has become an exceptional friend, inspiring good feelings in everyone around her by being herself. She is slowly learning that not all big boys are nice boys and that sometimes you have to learn to play nicely with the not-so-nice ones to survive.

My fearless, red, mini dachshund has personality. Her youth is refreshing, watching her learn and make mistakes teaches me more about having patience and respecting the process than she can ever imagine. As she learns to navigate that not everything goes into her mouth, she, like me is also learning to navigate a world full of Big Boys.

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